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Processing of schisandra fruit vinegar


Fruit is rich in saccharide resources and is the best raw material for vinegar. Compared with grain vinegar, fruit vinegar is rich in nutrients. It is rich in acetic acid, succinic acid, malic acid, citric acid and various amino acids. , vitamins and biologically active substances, and the taste is mellow, rich in flavor, fresh and refreshing, unique in effect, can soften blood vessels and reduce blood lipids. Fruit vinegar is acidic, and it is converted into alkaline food after being absorbed and metabolized by the human body.

Fruit vinegar has the following health benefits:

1 Volatile substances and amino acids in fruit vinegar have the effect of stimulating the nerve center of the brain and have the effect of developing intelligence. Medical research has found that the acidity and alkalinity of the human brain is related to IQ. Children with alkaline brains have higher IQ than acidic children, and the acidity and alkalinity of body fluids can be regulated by diet.

2 fruit vinegar can improve the liver's detoxification function, regulate metabolism in the body, improve the body's immunity, and has a strong anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect.

3 The acidic substance in the fruit vinegar can increase the secretion of the digestive juice, thereby improving the appetite, increasing appetite, and quenching thirst. Drinking fruit vinegar before and after drinking can speed up the catabolism of alcohol in the body, so fruit vinegar has a great hangover effect.

4 fruit vinegar has unique features in beauty and skin care, and has a regulating effect on the blood circulation system. Its slightly acidic has a mild stimulating effect on the skin, which can balance the dh of the skin and control the secretion of oil.

5 fruit vinegar not only makes the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins in the body go smoothly, but also can burn too much fat in the human body to prevent accumulation. Long-term drinking has the effect of reducing weight, inhibiting and reducing the formation of lipid peroxide in the process of aging, and delaying aging. Soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, nourish the skin, regulate the acid-base balance of body fluids, promote glucose metabolism in the body, decompose lactic acid and pyruvic acid in muscles to eliminate fatigue.

Schisandra fruit vinegar processing includes three processing techniques: all-solid fermentation, full liquid fermentation and pre-liquid post-solid fermentation.


1, Schisandra fruit vinegar whole solid fermentation

(1) Process: Schisandra fruit grain - → remove rotten particles - → de-stalk - → wash - → crush - → add a small amount of rice husk, yeast - → solid alcohol fermentation - → add bran, rice husk, acetic acid bacteria - → Solid acetic acid fermentation - → vinegar - → sterilization - → aging - → finished product. (

2) Technical points: Select fresh fruit with good maturity, wash with water, crush and weigh, add bran and 5% vinegar to 3% of the weight of the raw material, stir evenly and pile up a circle of 1-1.5 meters high. Stack or rectangular stack, insert thermometer, covered with plastic film. Dump 1-2 times a day, check the product temperature 3 times, and control the temperature at about 35 °C. After 10 days, the raw material is vinegar-flavored, the noodles disappear, the temperature of the product drops, and the fermentation stops. The raw material for the fermentation is called a vinegar. Pour the vinegar and the same amount of water into the holed hole below (the hole in the bottom of the cylinder is first plugged with gauze). After 4 hours, the vinegar can be rinsed. The vinegar that is drenched this time is called vinegar. After the head vinegar is drenched, add cold water, and the vinegar is usually poured into the newly added vinegar blank for the vinegar. The fruit vinegar brewed by solid fermentation can be bottled after 1-2 months of aging. After bottling and sealing, it should be sterilized in hot water of about 70 °C for 10-15 minutes.


2, Schisandra fruit vinegar full liquid fermentation

(1) Process: Schisandra fruit granules - → remove rotten granules - → de-stalk - → cleaning - → crushing, juicing (removing pomace) - → crude juice - → inoculating yeast - → liquid alcohol fermentation - → adding acetic acid bacteria -→ Liquid acetic acid fermentation - → filtration - → sterilization - → aging - → finished product.

(2) Technical points: Choose fresh schisandra fruit with good maturity and wash it with water. First, the washed Schisandra fruit is crushed by a crusher, and then juice is squeezed by a screw extractor, and 3%-5% of the yeast liquid is added to the juice for alcohol fermentation. Stir in the fermentation process 2-4 times a day, maintain the product temperature of about 30 ° C, after 5-7 days of fermentation. Note that the product temperature should not be lower than 16 ° C, or higher than 35 ° C. The alcohol content of the above fermentation broth is adjusted to 7-8 degrees, and it is contained in a wooden or enamel container, and is inoculated with 5% acetic acid solution. Cover the mouth of the container with gauze to prevent intrusion of flies, vinegar, etc. The height of the fermentation broth is 1/2 of the height of the container, and the liquid surface floats with a grid plate to prevent the membrane from sinking. During the acetic acid fermentation, the temperature of the product is controlled at 30-35 ° C, stirred 1-2 times a day, and vinegar is completed in about 10 days. Remove most of the fruit vinegar and serve it after disinfection. Leave the vinegar and a small amount of vinegar, and then add the wine to continue to vinegar. 3, Schisandra fruit vinegar before the liquid solid fermentation (1) Process: Schisandra fruit - → de-stalk - → cleaning - → broken - → adjust ingredients - → alcohol fermentation - → spray acetic acid fermentation - → press vinegar - → Redemption - → filtration - → sterilization - → filling - → finished product.

(2) Technical points:

1 Raw material treatment: Choose the fresh ripe schisandra fruit with good maturity and wash it with water. The fruit stalk is removed by the stalking machine, the fruit and vegetable crusher is broken, the grain cannot be crushed when broken, and the juice cannot be in contact with copper or iron.

2 composition adjustment: mainly with white sugar, so that the sugar content to 15%.

3 Alcohol fermentation: first add dry yeast to the sterilized 500 ml flask for activation in the amount of 89/6, add 100 grams of Schisandra juice, temperature 32-34 ° C, time is 4 hours; The amount of /6 is added to the jar for expansion culture for 8 hours at a temperature of 30-32 ° C; after the expansion, the culture is added to a 50 liter wine tank at a rate of 10%, and the temperature is 30-32 ° C for 12 hours. The training is completed. The cultured wine is added to the fermenter for fermentation, and the temperature is maintained at 28-30 ° C. After 4-7 days, the skin residue sinks, and the sugar fermentation contains ≤ 4 g / liter, and the alcohol fermentation ends.

4 acetic acid fermentation: inoculate acetic acid bacteria in a liquid medium consisting of 1% yeast extract, 4% absolute ethanol, 0.1% glacial acetic acid, in a 500 ml flask, the volume of liquid is 100 ml, culture The time was 36 hours, the temperature was 30-34 ° C, and then added to the expanded liquid medium (the medium was composed of alcohol-fermented fruit) in an amount of 10%, and then added to the yeast tank in an amount of 10% for cultivation. After the yeast is matured, it is added to the acetic acid fermentation in an amount of 10% of the total volume of the fermented mash. The fermenter should be provided with a false bottom, which is first placed with 5% of the rice husk and 1% of the bran. When the wine cellar is added, the scum is mixed with the rice husk and bran left on the wine cellar. The wine is poured into the vinegar barrel through the false bottom, and then poured by the spray tube through the beverage pump, sprayed for half an hour every 5 hours, and the acidity is no longer increased after 5-7 days, and the spray is stopped.

5 Redemption: Inspect the product, adjust the acidity, ensure the pure fruit vinegar flavor, first filter with stainless steel mesh, then heat the fruit vinegar to 75-80 ° C for 15 minutes.

4, Schisandra fruit vinegar quality requirements: color is pomegranate red, with a unique aroma of Schisandra, sour taste, sweet, no smell, no suspended matter and other impurities, no white, cool and transparent.

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