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In summer, you need a glass of cold fresh juice to treat yourself


Nine Yang Juice Machine for the Little Chef's Food (Basics)

With the onset of the summer, it's no surprise that a nest of lazy insects and big food items is at home. The best summer reward for yourself is to give yourself a glass of chilled fresh-pressed meat like a dog. Juice, cold and sweet, a cup of juice into the throat, a surge of cool down the body squat down, this time, the whole body from the inside to the outside feel the icy factor is breaking through the pores, desperate to run. At the thought of this, isn't your saliva already flowing and you can't wait to experience it. Want to make delicious juice, want to retain the most primitive and pure fruit nutrition, the most appropriate tool is of course the most suitable juice machine, recently just got the nine Yang juice machine (JYZ-V906), just use it to Make a colorful fruit juice for this hot summer day.

Have to say, Jiuyang juice machine material is really enough, ah, get a heavy box, said a dozen pounds did not run. Previously used hand-held stirring rods, soya-bean milk makers, juicers, broken-wall machines, and other such whipped-based kitchen appliances, has always been very concerned about the juice machine, this time finally got what they wanted. Others do not say that although we were often rehearsed by Korean juicers in advertisements, for domestic consumers, Nine Yang is a leader in mixing kitchen appliances. This packaging is also very atmospheric, and it is also a good beggar to send people.

Jiuyang juice machine accessories are very rich, for different fruits and vegetables have different accessories, originally intended not to write ordinary out of the box, but because of the large number of accessories, and there are many places in the use of attention, therefore, still feel necessary Then explain. First, a family portrait of the Jiuyang Juice Machine was inconvenient because it was completely tiled. Therefore, some accessories were taken together and will be described in detail later.

The calm of the Jiuyang juice machine came from the following body, weighing it, and the amount of the god of the forehead, the body of light has more than 10 pounds, but the heavy weight brings a stable working platform, regardless Stir things up, the bottom of the nine Yang juice machine is fixed in the wind. The main part is mainly the motor part of the juice machine. The motor drives the upper juice plate, the screw and the squeezer to interact with each other to obtain delicious and tasty juice. The burgundy appearance is very high on the texture, there is a fixed rubber pad and cooling holes at the bottom. The main part actually has some small details, such as three prominent card slots and an upper card slot. These are used to fix the above accessories, and only if they are in place , the juice machine will work normally. This is also a special note.

Nine Yang juice machine start switch design in the main handle of the upper end, the design is very ergonomic, pressing switch is very convenient. The start switch has two gears, one is the start switch, and the second gear is the long press reverse. When the juice machine is working, pressing the second gear is equivalent to turning off the switch and the juice machine stops working. If you encounter a situation where no slag or blockage occurs, you can press the second gear to start the reversal. This will make it easier to grind and solve the problem of plugging.

The upper part of the Jiuyang juice machine is mainly composed of an upper lid and a pusher stick, and the lower end of the upper lid directly interlocks with the juice collection tray to play a role in inputting ingredients and safety protection. The top of the pusher stick is actually the lid cover. On the wall of the upper cover, a rectangular blade is embedded to facilitate the cutting of food ingredients. If you have already cut a small amount of fruit while preparing it, you can leave it alone. If the foodstuff is large, push the rod to press lightly, feed the food into the interior, and use the blade to cut the food. The side of the push rod is specially designed for the blade. When the material is pushed, it can be aligned. The blade is sharp, so don't go for a test.

One of the very important parts of juicing - screw, said rod, I feel more like a pier, very heavy, weighed down, 660 grams, spiral design is mainly to facilitate the introduction of ingredients when turning, in addition, through the spiral The stir and shredding (more accurately, shredding) ingredients on its iron-like raised spikes. In addition, the food is squeezed through its outer wall to achieve the effect of juice. The bottom of the screw is connected to the motor part of the main body, and the gears at the bottom and the gears of the juice collection tray are meshed with each other so as to achieve the effect of grinding and pressing.

Jiuyang Juice Extractor comes standard with three squeezers for hard fruit, soft fruit and ice cream.

Hard fruits: Hard fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears, carrots and other fruits and vegetables.

Soft fruits: Fruits with more flesh and softer textures, such as tomatoes, kiwifruit, and pineapples.

It should be noted that: The more fiber-rich ingredients are not recommended to use the juice machine, even if we feel that the juice yield is not small, such as sugar cane, small celery and other ingredients.

The other is to have seed kernels and thick skins recommended to remove and then squeeze.

Making ice cream ingredients: Through my practice, I feel that there are many fleshy and soft fruits that are most suitable for ice cream.

The orange wall brush, a bright show color, with the same bright show on the silica film, used to fill the wall brush and squeeze the juicer, making the two fit closer together. It is mainly used on hard fruits and soft fruit juicers. Ice cream net does not need it.

Hard metal juicer parts of the metal mesh filter pores, mainly for hard leather fruits and vegetables. There is a pomace outlet at the bottom. When installed, the pomace outlet of the juice pan should be aligned.

The metal strainer of the soft fruit juicer is significantly larger than the hard strainer hole, and is mainly used for fruits and vegetables. There is also a pomace outlet at the bottom. The pomace outlet at the time of installation and the juice tray is also aligned.

Ice cream network can see through the picture, it does not have a filter, because it does not need to squeeze juice, but by mixing the ingredients directly and fully grinding, the ice cream product directly out of the bottom of the slag outlet. (If you do ice cream, it's not a scum outlet here. It should be called a delicious outlet. The brush on the right side of the picture should be brushless, and it should only be added to the drawing scale. You don't need to install a wall brush to make ice cream.)

Juice collection tray is the "temporary residence place" for juice extraction. There are gears at the bottom. It is responsible for cooperation with several partners of the squeezer. The side is the slag outlet and the juice outlet. The slag outlet is flat and the fruit slag is produced specially." Compressed cakes; the juice outlet is cylindrical and has a spout lid. It mainly prevents overflow. In addition, if it does not open, you can add other ingredients to make mixed juices and mixed ice cream. There is a silicone plug at the bottom of the slag outlet of the juice tray. When cleaning the slag hole, it can be opened here. The residue can be picked out or pulled out with a pointed object to facilitate cleaning. There is a positioning point at the top of the juice tray, and there is a card slot at the bottom to facilitate the alignment and installation of the main body and the juicer. In other words, the machine will run only when it is in place. This kind of security setting is worthy of praise.

Receiving juice cups and slag buckets are really silly to tell the truth, because they look exactly the same! ! ! The same shape design, the same with a scale, the same color. Anyway, it's the same, you don't have to worry about misplaced positions. (^__^) 嘻嘻...

In addition to the ice cream, Jiu Yang can also make tofu. With the package also comes with tofu tofu box, pressure block and gauze, what you need is to prepare food, brine or need your own preparation, and now online shopping is convenient, online sales.

After all the accessories are equipped, the juice machine can officially start working.

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